Saturday, April 1, 2006

Mea(t) Culpa

Some of you have already heard my meat(y) story. (Sorry, the puns are just cracking me up here.) This blog is posted at the request of Brunch Crafters, but there's an educational end to the story....

In preparation for my weekly shopping last week, I find a delicioso-sounding meat recipe (cover your eyes, you veggies) with mushrooms, pancetta, and beef tenderloin. Sounds like a roast to me. Could easily be modified to throw it in the crock pot for an easy dinner for a few nights.....

I truck on down to see Paul the Butcher. (How can CD2E think this grocery is snobby when the staff is on a first name basis with this customer?!??) They don't quite have the 2 lbs. called for in my recipe, but hey, who needs that much meat anyway?! At the register, my total seems quite high, but I retreat to the privacy of my car to investigate....

The bill says I have just paid $29.99 PER POUND for something. I pull the roast out to see that it is labeled 'Filet Mignon'. So much for 'roast' and FORGET the crock pot--back to the drawing board.

Please, don't let my $50 go to waste; you can benefit from my experience:
- When purchasing things at hoity-toity markets, inquire as to the price before committing to the purchase.
- Tenderloin roasts require NO MORE than 30 minutes maximum cooking time.
- Learn your cuts of meat, so that you, too, can know that 'yes, filet mignon is indeed beef tenderloin.'

CUTS OF MEAT 101 (Love the webpage name; I take it as a personal hint.)
See best preparation methods per cut at

PIG CUTS: (flyer form) (with handy info)

If we lived in the UK, we'd be more interested in the lamb diagram (hey, I'm a poet!).

Tip to DHP: Being conversant in cuts of meat is highly recommended in order to sound knowledgeable with the ag crowd.


DenverHotPants said...

I am studying in earnest. Thanks for the guide. Thank you also for the cautionary tale. We need more of those on the blog.

codown2earth said...

Speaking of educational events, IC & DHP should have hung for wine tasting at Corks on Saturday. I bought a bottle that I would have judged by it's color but really enjoyed in the tasting. And another Pinot Gris- my new fav white wine.

DenverHotPants said...

Well, it I'd known free wine was on the table, I would have considered the option. It wasn't pink was it?

codown2earth said...

It is pink. But it is a Rose taken from the skins (what makes Red wine Red) early. The wine guys tip: avoid all pink whines that say "white" something (aka, white zin)as they are made to barnes & james standards.