Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Shopping and Holiday Madness

Yes our dog stole our Thanksgiving turkey. Here it (the turkey) is after a bit of unearthing. Many days I really despise our pets. Other days they are okay.

I heard about some unique online shopping on NPR this weekend. I have not explored the sites very deeply but they look good. Lots of stuff from unique artists and handmade stuff (in case one of us crafters runs out of time to do intensive crafting). I was hoping for some surefire manly gifts but the guys section of Mighty goods was for the more urban chic guy than my guy is. There were lots of cufflinks, nondescript sweaters, and man purses. A couple interesting things for the construction type of guy (phillips head cuff links is one I saw). I did enjoy looking at the Solar Backpack (recharges all your gizmos while they are in the pack), Yeti ornament, and Fabio postcards (all at mighty goods.com). Tees that made me chuckle were "Stewart Colbert 08" and "Santa is Coming". Happy Shopping!



waltzeswithdogs said...

here is a web site that will contribute to your holiday cheer.


codown2earth said...

Too Fun-nay!

DenverHotPants said...

Yet another RC Holiday classic. What is frightening is that a number of RCers just assumed the turkey had been excavated, washed, then served. We are all class.

InfoChef said...

Not just assumed, but were somewhat shocked and appaled that it had gone to waste!

We are class.....