Sunday, October 23, 2005

Intelligent Design

My friend, "Down-2-earth" is an intelligent designer. She and other friends designed this fabulous day for women to gather and share crafts, food, and thoughts. Everyone should have a group of women like this.

On the West Wing last Sunday, Jimmy Smitts' character made a statement that should be echoed throughout the world. He said something to the effect that science should be taught for science sake and faith should be taught (not in school) for faith's sake. Combining the two compromises the integrity of both. He also said that our founding fathers established this country with religious freedom, which meant choosing no national religion at all. He explained that while this is difficult, it is the challenge we inherited. This means we must allow everyone to choose their own religious beliefs, including the option not to have one. We must leave science to be taught in schools and leave religion to be lived by the people.

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