Sunday, October 23, 2005

Recipe for a perfect bloody mary

Yes, we craft, talk politics and drink. That is craft day. So in the spirit, here’s the recipe for the favored drink of craft day.

Recipe for the perfect bloody mary . . .

Grab a friend and go have brunch at Dixons. Talk about politics, men or Martha Stewart “The Apprentice”.

Short of that, head to your local liquor store (the crafters shop at Argonaut) and pick up some pepper vodka and a bottle of Freshies (brand) bloody mary mix. Medium is the best but if you love heat, the habanero hot is perfect!!

My grandfather likes his bloody with gin, but I do not suggest this. No bloody mary is complete without pickles and good friends.


InfoChef said...

I do like gin. And my favorite parts are the condiments--your pick of one or all: dill pickles, olives, pepperoncini, celery, pickled veggies, and extra horseradish, pepper, worcestershire, various hot sauces...YUMMM!

Team Caliente Pantalones said...

I love to watch CoachHotSpeedo make a bloddy mary on sunday's in his!

DenverHotPants said...

Hot-t indeed! Clearly I need a man . . . half-naked bloody mary had not even crossed my mind! Consider the recipe amended.