Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ChristianLiberalChick, shitsngrins, lafayettelass, and creamycrafter - Delinquent Bloggers

Ladies, WTF? You cannot continue to shirk your blogging responsibilities. Yes, DenverHotPants, codown2earth, and InfoChef are hilarious and cracking ourselves up but surely you have something you would like to share with the world . . . or at least the ladies of craft day.

Really, hasn’t George Bush pissed you off, or, doesn’t the cancellation of Martha Stewart the Apprentice give you pause, and isn’t there some fun to be made of that stupid Katie Holmes who has decided to spawn a mini-Cruise and give up here career to raise it?

Nothing? Really??? Doesn't the fact that I have posted that you suck make you mad?

We will have a blogging refresher at the next craft day. It is on Sunday at Katie’s house. And if she weren’t the most delinquent of the blogging crafters (since she hasn’t even signed up yet even though we came up with the fabulous alias of CraftingLolita) I wouldn’t have to refer to her by first name. Get with the program!!

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