Saturday, November 5, 2005

Cracker Eats

Jeepboy & I ate dinner last night on the "new" 32nd Ave (Zuni to Clay). A plate of crackers was delivered to our table as we waited for salads. They were fancy crackers of course... the sesame variety... a perfect fit for the BMWs parked outside.

We started with a house salad: excellent dressing, lots of fresh herbs, but a few too many pointy greens. The Halibut (which I am sure is not on the infochef's approved fish list) was delish. As was the steak and the thinly sliced apple tart. The check would have covered only a few rooms of lightbulb changes or a single week of health insurance. But hey, it's Cracker Eats. Duo Restaurant


InfoChef said...

And while you were dining with the BMWs, we walked over to M & D's. Didn't the old sign used to say 'M&D's Fish Palace'? When was the last time you ate at a Fish Palace.

Yummy in the 'hood. Everything is recommended.

We've been on a walking tour of neighborhood joints, last visiting Painted Bench.

DenverHotPants said...

Holy crap! I know one of those Crackers . . . Stephanie Bonin, she's a lobbyist for the enviros! Though gentrified, it looks like this might have to be a local liberal haunt. Hmmm, I wonder if her job is open. Will have to find out.

codown2earth said...

Is M&Ds BBQ the same as M&Ds Fish Palace? Jeepboy just left to pick up BBQ from our neighborhood spot: The only place I know of in town who sells burnt ends. yummmm.