Thursday, December 15, 2005

jeepboy quote of the morning

"This is so much better than if we were addicted to heroin. That would be like $50 a day." - Jeepboy, this morning at our corner coffee shop. (hey, it's on the near by corner & it sells coffee)


DenverHotPants said...

Gasp! You can't possibly be speaking of the new Starbucks down the street.

JeepBoy is a super genius and very very funny.

InfoChef said...

I'll have to assume that corner coffee shop is Gallup, or possibly a bit further to Common Grounds, Poggio's, or even some unlisted Delocator spot. After all, there are 35 choices within 5 miles of your zip code.

So it's not for lack of choice that you're risking dropping to a lower level of hell (where you'll join DHP, SNG, and me)...pass that message on to JB.

Okay, I will admit that you don't have enough (good) choices in a convenient distance. Hard to believe that there are more walkable choices in the hood than over there in the border of yuppie-dom, isn't it?!