Monday, December 26, 2005

Jingoism hits the Argonaut

As if Jetta has not been humiliated enough in the past week with the mechanic all up in her stuff, replacing hoses, pans and other esentials, not to mention the most public tire blow out on I-25 in conservative heart of Colorado . . . someone defiled her in the parking lot of the Argonaut.

That's right, as DHP was inside the Argonaut, purchasing Italian wine, Russian vodka, and German beer, wearing her shiny new "nihilism" bracelet, and when she returned to her car, someone had suck a "god bless the usa" magnetic ribbon on the back of her car. The nerve!!!!

What is a girl to do, other than remove the damned thing, throw it on the ground and promply back over it?! Who would do such a thing? Is this payback for the drunken yellow ribbon theft spree launched by DHP and some cronies in the Union Station parking lot last year? Or is this just the final humiliation in what has been a very shitty year? Good thing I'm stocked with liquor because this crafter will be avoiding the Arognaunt parking lot for a while (well, at least until I run out of booze again).

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