Friday, December 16, 2005

Packing for holiday jaunt to Texas

Fellow crafters and bloggers this creamy (i.e. pale and in need of a holiday) lady is preparing to depart for the next country over, TEXAS. I am a last minute packer for trips but I think this one requires some extra attention and preparation. I am planning on bringing clothing for all weather (crazy vacilations of warmth and wet there), my Bible, and antacid to combat the heavy food but what else will I need to survive 6 days in Houston and 4 days in Dallas? Also, I'd like to see some sights. Every other trip to the area has been spent driving a golf cart around the gated golf community where the relatives live and far too many trips in the sister in law's minivan to Wal Mart. Know any good tourist attractions or hot spots I should visit? Is Cindy Shehan still in the state? Does anyone know where Crawford is? Pretty close to nowhere, right? Well, I welcome your suggestions for what I might need to 1. survive and 2. fit in a bit. THANKS for the help.


codown2earth said...

Welcome to the blog, creamycrafter!

You are a very brave woman to travel to TX in your condition. I am not sure how one could survey in TX (and/or with in-laws) without booze.

Crawford is near Waco which is on the drive from Dallas to Austin.
I am not sure if Camp Casey is active in Crawford right now. Jeepboy is from a small town near Dallas (Denton) where they filmed Rocky Horror Picture Show. His family now lives in San Antonio- home of the Alamo. You might be able to see that Eva Longoria from Housewives. She is dating a Spur. Sandra Bullock & Jessie James live on a ranch somewhere in TX, too.

InfoChef said...

Try for card game instructions.

Remember those 'mystery trips' offered by a now-defunct airline? Well, we went to Houston once ($30 doesn't get you much). They have great Vietnamese food and historic Galveston is an hour away.