Monday, December 12, 2005

reason #77 why I love telecommuting...

no office "holiday" party.

that "void" has now been filled by the only thing worse than your own holiday party (where at least you know who to stand by for the best mocking of other co-workers)... attending your spouse's office party.

crafters who tailgated at the store opening might remember the cover band... the employee who is a member of that band provided the entertainment for the evening: a karaoke machine.

the other entertainment was a very painful door prize drawing engineered by jeepboy's twisted math mind. he pre-assigned the winners to prizes and then created long strings of ticket numbers designed for everyone to think they were so close. (insert eyes rolling)

there was lots of pork as it was held at the gay dominican paint guy's house (as in island not catholic) and thankfully lots of booze too.

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