Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Cougars Rock the Monaco Lanes

Oh yes, following a Friday night dinner of greasy Mexican and weak margaritas a few of the ladies of craft day hit the local dive bowling alley for a few frames and a flirt fest with a couple hottie twenty-somethings.

DenverHotPants has revealed her hidden talent – stellar bowler – spares and strikes abound. Her wit and form caught the eye of the candy in the lane next door who entertained the ladies all night with his humor and obvious flirting. And he was yummy. Name, Johnny Fingers (bowling alias).

At the end of the flirt fest, once the alcohol had run dry, a very sad turn of events occurred. Good god, some of the ladies passed their business cards to the young tarts in an attempt to pick them up. Even worse, one of us, who will remain nameless, invited one of them to come to her school to read to the children. Boooooo!!!!! The Cougars are out of practice!
Happy to leave with her dignity and free of any fungal infections, all DHP has to show for the night out on the town is a friction blister on her thumb that will be difficult to explain at the Capitol tomorrow. Well, that and a good story for the blog.


craftylolita said...

Yes, and by Sunday morning it is reported that the eye candy from the next lane in fact did respond and does want to help children read proficiently... so now he must pass the police check.... However, Harriet, the bowler, does still need to respond to him...

HotPants01 said...

The DC Cougars are counting on DHP to recommend target-rich environments in SteamBoat. MEOW!