Thursday, January 5, 2006

South Carolina being invaded.

Note: You must read creamycrafters comments on infochef's fridge post below. It will make you laugh out loud & be glad that your inlaws do not live in TX.

There are many fine folks from SC (ChristianLiberalChic and hollabackgirl among them) and I even know a few who have chosen to return to SC (as a SC HS graduate I am not sure why but I do love you Mich if you are reading this).... so I am sad to share that SC is being invaded.

Christian Exodus is calling on Christians to move to South Carolina to reestablish a constitutionally limited government founded upon Christian principles.

In SC- like TX- they have a higher refrigeration per capita rate than necessary. I call only conclude this is in preparation for the succession from the union. God has clearly spoken to his chosen people and instructed them to fill the deep freeze with fatback, turnip greens, chitlins, dirty gravy, and headcheese.

Editor's Note: Jeepboy provided WT expertise in the suggested freezer content. He did grow up on potato chip casserole so I consider him an expert on the topic of White Trash food. That's right potato chip casserole... can we say "acorn that fell the furthest from tree"?


DenverHotPants said...

Excuse me, but where is Jello on that list? Can they take Texas with them?

codown2earth said...

There is no room for Jello in the Fridge or Freezer. It is found between the can of Spam & Cheez Whiz in the Pantry.

ChristianLiberalChic said...

OH MY GOD - AND YES, I MEAN GOD...I'll go, but only if I get to be President, make that Queen, and I get to make all the rules. They'll just love me, don't you think??? :)