Sunday, February 12, 2006

Restaurant Rundown

Like Thai food? Psych yourself up for the drive out to 13000 E. Colfax Ave. to see the megalith hospital complex under construction and dine at...
Yummy Yummy Tasty Thai (coupon at, BTW). Contrary to the online review, they DO have a liquor license, and there's an allusion to cooking classes. Oh, it's in a Colfax hotel, so FYI on the neighborhood. Close at 9, but pretty loose about it.

Anyway, what a name! How could you not go? This comes recommended by a former Thailand resident. Those Mennonites, they're so worldly.

And, this is a quaint place for an after-work meeting: The Village Cork, at 1300 S. Pearl, just south of the highway before you get to the too-hip-for-me part of South Pearl. They have snacks and wine. And CHEESE.


DenverHotPants said...

Yummy Yummy Tasty Thai is the second best name for a restaurant I have come across. Number one is Ethiopian Restaurant - also the best Ethiopian food in Denver.

I think The Village Cork has also opened at Colfax and Elm. Shitsngrins and DHP got very drunk there one evening for very cheap and had great cheese as well.

She'sCrafty said...

I took cooking lessons from Pim at Yummy Yummy Thai. It was awesome! She is amazing and will tell you her life story if you're interested. When I took the lessons, she was donating part of the money to a foundation that provides vision screenings/glasses for people with low incomes.