Wednesday, February 8, 2006

That about covers it.

DenverHotPants had a very long day today trying to prevent corporate bastards from gutting the hog farm amendment from 1998 and having their way with our rural areas. PU. Being new to the hog farm debate (yes really) she was shocked to find out that after hours of testimony that spanned two days, that the issue everyone was debating, was not the actual issue at all. DHP will not bore you with the gory details of feces and run-off, but did you know that the Dept. of Health is not enforcing Amendment 14, which means that the waste lagoons on corporate hog farms remain uncovered. That is why Greeley smells like Greeley and sometimes our food tastes like shit.

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codown2earth said...

"Also, the bridge is out ahead." LOL