Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What we need is some love from the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

While sitting at the computer today listening online to an enlightening conversation about conservation easements happening in the Senate, I got a bit sidetracked on the “links” section of the blog and was happily reunited with my old friend the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Since we have not had an inappropriate blog for lent in a while I thought I would share some e-mail found on the FSM website. It is craft appropriate and way too funny!

Dear Bobby,

With all due respect, FSM is nothing more than God disguised as a pasta dinner. The issue here is not the Creator, but the Designer of the complex functions that defy the probability of mindless evolution. While God (aka FSM), is a pretty good candidate, I’d like to nominate my late Great Uncle Morris, may he rest in peace. He was quite a remarkable man who invented and designed many useful household objects for my late Great Aunt Becky. He even submitted a patent application for a multifunctional foot operated salad spinner that with attachments could be used to peel apples or potatoes and even artistically carve radishes. Furthermore, his supernatural talents weren’t limited to design. I personally saw him on four separate occasions shuffle a deck of cards so that all four aces appeared on top. Now what’s the probability of that!

I know it’s not likely that Great Uncle Morris is responsible for all intelligent design, but who says there has to be just one designer? Think about clothes for example.

Mike Spitulnik


DenverHotPants said...

Oye. Now how did the links end up at the bottom of the page again?

codown2earth said...

I will try to play around with the template & actually address this issue this time instead of picking another template. It make take a day or two as I am only in person mtgs this week- no boring conf calls. =)