Wednesday, July 26, 2006

ass warmers = a good thing

When brainstorming new & different weekend activities, Laser Floyd Show is frequently suggested by JeepBoy. And since we do not have a time machine, this is a tough item to remove from the list. We went to SonicVision last year and that satisfied JB for a bit. But after we knocked the Indoor Glow in the Dark Putt Putt off the list during a recent trip to Texla-homa (aka, Westminster)- the Laser Floyd Show returned.

To honor Syd Barrett's recent death, we went to see The Wall at Film on the Rocks last night. Much to JB's delight, there was a Pink Floyd Tribute put on by Savage Henry & other local band folks complete with a light show. The show was actually pretty good - which is what made it bearable to sit in the pouring rain for an hour and a half. But as our emergency ponchos began to wilt, we decided to call it a night before the movie. So we packed up our wet butts and headed to the Volvo.

So rare do we find a summer time occasion to praise the genius of the ass warmer. There is nothing better than a nice warm car seat after 2 wet hours at Red Rocks.
Ass Warmers = a good thing.

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