Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Now here’s someone I can relate to.

So, some of you may know the DHP kicking-the-SUVstroller-story from her living in DC experience, but if not, here’s the short version. DHP sold her soul to work for a very scary Republican Senator in DC where the black cloud bestowed on her from a frightful new year’s eve kiss reared its ugly head. This is a very, very long story that HP01 might be the only person that possesses the full knowledge of. Here, again is the short version.

Kissed by drunken barfly on last night before leaving town. Move to DC. Work for Allard. Sell soul. Work as waitress in dive bar to supplement income for soul-selling job. Car broken into. Arrested then jailed (in DC jail) for smashed car window (from car-break in and subsequent license check that revealed driving-on-revoked license). Apartment robbed. Apartment robbed. Car impounded then stolen. Move back to Colorado.

Somewhere in adventure DHP was running late the Senator’s office after working a late night at the dive bar (complete with follow-up drunkenness and subsequent hangover) and ran to catch the Metro. She made it just in time only to encounter a fucking stroller the size of an SUV blocking her entrance to the metro car just before the doors were closing. Fucking tourists. And, yes, she kicked the stroller out of the way so she could get to work. This action was met by jeers from the fellow metro riders as the little children in the SUV-baby-cart screamed in terror for the rest of the trip. Note that this incident was pre-Ipod days. Metro-riders are now immune to such noise-offences since that invention.

So, here’s the “someone I can relate to” part. I found this little gem on The Best of Craigslist that reminded me of my hatred of giant fucking strollers. The post was from DC. I love this person, whoever it is. Wish I had Craigslist back then.

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codown2earth said...

I was recently told that renegade crafters and their associates are ripe for a best seller book. It is stories like DHP's extreme robbery (who the hell steals someone's underwear?) that would cause readers to laugh out loud on public transportation.

creamycrafter (who I am sure has the Honda Civic of Strollers) is taking a mental note to avoid riding the lightrail with DHP.