Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I'm not a pedophile, but I play one on the internet.

(thank you she’s2crafty for the brilliant blog title)

Just when you thought the Representative Foley scandal couldn't possibly get any more hilarious, his lawyer holds a press conference to let everyone know that Foley will not make any excuses for his behavior but he was molested as a teen by "the clergy". Foley also wanted us to know (through his attorney) that although he is not a child molester, he is, however, gay. So now I sit here and wait for the uproar from the religious right, gays, intelligent attorneys, you name it. This is too much fun.

And, why couldn’t Foley make these statements himself? Seems he’s in treatment for alcoholism and “mental health issues”. What do you want to bet he’s in some crazy gay conversion therapy program?

You can go to any blog to read about the Foley scandal, buy my favorite (as usual) is Wonkette. They are reporting that Fox is claiming Foley is a closet-Democrat. This just gets better and better.


codown2earth said...

JB reports that Air America was playing audio clips of the right wing taking the leap that the pedophile among them is why we should not allow gay marriage. Also, Randi Rhodes claims to know Foley personally and in her opinion he is not a drunk but rather she asserts that the GOP has just locked him away so he will not give away their secrets & lies. (NOTE: CD2E does not endorse information reported on Randi Rhodes show as fact...but JB does.)

Caliente Pantalones 03 said...

Hey CO ladies,

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