Thursday, October 12, 2006

More election trouble in Denver

This is what happens when you put a Republican (Alton Dillard) in charge of elections in Denver.

DHP still advocates for voting-by-mail (absentee) and here’s why. In Denver they are anticipating 120,000 voters at the polls this year. Vote centers can only accommodate this number if each person takes only 6 minutes inside the booth. Tests of the new voting machines combined with the length of the ballot are testing the time inside the booth at 9 to 22 minutes. This means they will not be able to handle the number of voters and that voters will be spending a long time in line. This is very upsetting and is cause for great concern. Spread the word on early voting and voting by mail. We can't have folks disenfranchised like this at the polls.

Mail your absentee ballot request to your county elections office listed here.

Learn more about protecting your voting rights by visiting our friends at Fair Vote Colorado!


ChristianLiberalChic said...

Thanks for the info. I'll pass it on. Unfortunately, I am still one of those stand in line people...but here's why. I can wake up on election day, put on sweats, and walk less than 50 feet to vote, as can most of my Dem. friends. I'll definitely spread the word, but some of us like old fashioned only because, oddly enough, it's actually easier!

DenverHotPants said...

Better check Fair Vote Colorado and make sure your county has not gone to vote centers. In Denver they have closed our precinct polling locations.

creamycrafter said...

Well I have been procrastinating filling out my absentee ballot request form - for no good reason but 2 days ago a young woman came to the door. She was advocating for an issue I think but spent her time waiting while I filled out the request form she offered. Very nice of her. The funny thing was that she had a thick Spanish accent so she introduced what group she was from and I thought she said "Denver Boats" and then I asked again and I swore she said "Denver Bota" as in cowboy boots but soon my brain clicked on and I realized she was saying Denver Votes. I am sure she thought I was some wacko gringa.

codown2earth said...

I used to like voting in person in Cap Hill. It was me & all the gay boys in the basement of the Episcopal cathedral. Then I voted in my new neighborhood at the nursing home. Not to be ageist, but I would rather vote with the gays. They don't kick the machines. The last time I voted in person was actually early voting at Safeway with a 4-Bucks in hand. JB thought we should vote together as a couple. (I know. He is so adorable. It was November 2004 and our first vote in the married couple demographic.) My advice to CLC & other in person voters: Don’t read the paragraphs. Just look for the Democrats, I, & 44. If you read the details, you will never get out of there in 10 minutes.