Friday, October 13, 2006

virtual happy hour

My job for the last 5 years has involved a fair amount of travel. And until a department re-organization this July, I often traveled with a small group of co-workers. We all ate (and drank) together so much that it became second nature to pick out items on menus that would appeal to their taste. One loves free range pork, another will be tempted by the prime rib, and the 3rd is still venturing into seafood- once a strict veg head. And over the many business meals, these co-workers have became my dear friends.

One of these former road warriors & I have started a Friday afternoon tradition. A virtual happy hour where we wrap up our week with a Friday afternoon phone call in our respective cities (and timezones) with a cocktail in hand. There are some real benefits to virtual happy hour. (1) No one has to drive anywhere afterwards. No worries about DUI or traffic. (2) Sweatpants are always okay. No need to look presentable. (3) You don't have to pick a place to suit everyone's taste. She can have a Cabernet from her recent Napa Trip. You can have a Ruby& Ruby- Ruby Red Absolut with Izze Grapefruit. (4) When her nanny leaves, you still have time to make a blog entry before thinking about dinner. Let's raise our glasses... to virtual happy hour.

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InfoChef said...

Virtual Happy Hour--I'm so glad that drinking alone has a new name!

I must remark that Belgian Ale is a good deterrent to excessive VHH consumption. I almost gave up trying to uncork the bottle.