Wednesday, November 1, 2006

87 Cents

Following are ways that you can mail your Colorado ballot with appropriate postage:

Affix 87 cents of postage, not 63 cents as your envelope may recommend.
This can be achieved by one of the following:
a) 3 stamps
b) 1 regular stamp and 2 24-cent stamps (FYI: Did you know you can mail 1 oz, which is 5 sheets of regular paper in an envelope for 39 cents?)
c) purchase exact postage at your friendly post office counter
d) use 44 of your leftover 2-cent stamps from the latest postage increase

And lastly, do not listen to the advice provided (when asked--to be annoying ;-P) by Preschool Matters' 'reminder to vote' volunteer caller who replied that '2 stamps' were the required amount.

Yes, Preschool Matters. But not all preschools. Just Vote No.

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