Friday, November 3, 2006

Are you Gay?

In light of our pal Paster Ted being outed (hee hee takes the focus off Kerry's stupid remarks for the election.) I thought the crafters might want to take the gay-o-meter challange Enjoy!


r. nesta m. said...

I took the test and apparently I am 13% gay. Still on the Too Straight end of the rectum.. I mean spectrum. I am not sure what Creamycrafter will have to say about that.

InfoChef said...

She might actually prefer that you rank a little higher!

Glad to see you are studying up on those ballot issues!

Gotcha beat--36%

DenverHotPants said...

Oh crap, 56% gay. It must be from hanging out with all the Yes on I folks or the Dikes on Bikes today. I think they are bringing rainbow flags to the staging location (union hall) tomorrow. I guess I'll officiall be among the ranks at that point.

How is InfoChef only 36%?? And, where is the total for SNG who posted the link???????

shitsngrins said...

I am 40% gay. "Bascially a girly girl who sometimes lets her butch hang out" is what it told me. I love the dikes on bikes though.

codown2earth said...

Hmmm.... I am 40%, too.