Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Day after...without a hangover

A quick recap from someone who skipped the parties last night and instead watched returns in her PJs.

The Good. The first female Speaker of the House. The most senior elected women in the US and third in line for the presidency. (Perhaps Cheney can take Shrub hunting?) Her plan for the first 100 hours includes Stem Cell research. You go girl!

To quote SNG-Colorado painted itself blue: Dem Gov, Dem control of State House & State Senate, 1/2 US Senator, and 4/7 US Rep.

Bad amendments that did not pass include 38 (right to pray & petition), 40 (judge term limits), and 39 & J (65% Deception).

The Sad. 43 passes & i fails. The Hate State badge of shame. It is heartbreaking. Three cheers to DHP for fighting the good fight.

And the Ugly. Denver Vote Centers (and by the way, there ARE tools that can be used to simulate peak performance of networked software applications. The spokesperson who said that they had no way to stress test the voter check in system has a bad IT department.)

And what could be uglier than Musg-rat?

And the Duh!: Colorado Springs doesn't elect a Dem to the US House. I can't even believe that folks are reporting this as news.

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