Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Just Vote No- except Yes on I

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Drinking Liberally Denver said...

Sorry for the OT, but several of us have responded to your issues about Drinking Liberally (albeit a little late) but our questions have not been answered and we continue to be "on notice". I'd also like to respond to rebeckspe's email list question that I didn't fully address. If s/he's on the list it's possible the emails might be flagged as spam. Please check your spam filter settings. To confirm you're on the list, please send me an email at denver at drinkingliberally dot org and I can check if you're in there.


InfoChef said...

We might reply. After the elections.


Hope you can find something to do that will help out during the next 4 days.

*With credit to DHP.

Until then,

DenverHotPants said...

The Crafters are currently occupied running a kick-ass staging location in Central Denver turning out progressive voters. 875 Elati. If you are as great as you think, we'll see you here. Otherwise, leave us alone you losers.

codown2earth said...

Based on Square State, it looks like DL folk are walking with Ritter on the 16th Street Mall during lunchtime. Thank goodness since he is now like 20 points ahead in the polls.

DenverHotPants said...

Day 3, and no DL at at the staging location. More cute, pro-gay dogs though. And, CD2E made another appearance. Thanks again!

Glad to hear that DL is canvassing with Ritter. Is there a blog category for irrelevant with good intentions?

DenverHotPants said...

In other news, DHP did the 20 or so pizza delivery to the Denver Rescue Mission herself tonight. Jesus Saves! The clearly gay volunteer that came out to collect the loot from the back seat of Jetta asked if they were Republican or Democrat pizza. I said "Vote Democrat" in front of all the homeless lined up on the street and the volunteer groaned. I then told him they were actually from the Referendum I campaign and he took me aside and asked me if it was "hopefully" going to pass.

Seriously? You work in a homeless shelter. They have closets?