Monday, November 20, 2006

Random Observations on Daily Life

Argonaut is PACKED. Full of irritating people shopping for the holiday who don’t know our beloved mothership, and are wandering about like Whole Foods tourists (sorry, no free samples at the liquor store). However, both Kettel One (31.99) and Grey Goose (41.99) are on sale for the big bottles. The wine sale is California . . . boo!

The Queen Soopers has christmas trees for sale already. The next random observations post will likely include “home fires strike Capitol Hill”. SNG has already steeled herself against such disasters with blow-up trees and an aluminum tree complete with 1970’s lighting. One of my favorite holiday stories (aside from the “personal hell story found in the RC Best Of) is the story of when my grandmother got so drunk she fell into the christmas tree which makes for a “best of” family album. Remember, DHP was raised an Atheist. Oh my god, did you know there was an aluminum tree museum?

We broke the planet. Today’s high . . . 72 degrees . . . tomorrow . . . 77 degrees. What the fuck? Is it ever going to rain/snow? I think the Pacific Northwest has stolen our storms.

I’m wondering if I can bring sunscreen on the plane to Mexico because with the new travel restrictions I feel a black market on sunscreen happening in Puerto Vallarta. Last time I went, I had to kick down $10.00 for a small bottle. No telling what that will be now. I think I’ll take my chances. Also, I spent a better part of the night searching for my passport because Americans can no longer travel to Mexico on their driver’s license. Fucking anti-immigrant laws are screwing with my vacation. Luckily I figured that out prior to arriving at the airport. Good god.

Also. . .


codown2earth said...

-Limit all liquids, gels, aerosols, and pastes to 3.4 oz/100ml size containers.
-Place all such items in a quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag.
-Remove your quart-size bag from your carry-on and place in the provided bin as you approach the checkpoint.

rebeckspe said...

I once brought a FOUR oz bottle - god forbid - of eye makeup remover, half of which was used. Clearly there were less than 3 oz of liquid in there. No matter - if the capacity is more than three ounces, you've got to toss it!

codown2earth said...

Yes. I have also seen them throw out gallon sized zip lock bags with only 2 items (both less than 3 oz).

DenverHotPants said...

Looks like I need to make a trip to the store. Do the 3.4 oz containers have to be clear as well? This could get very complicated.

Good thing the TSA is looking out for our safety because it seems the defense department has failed at "making our world safer".

I think I'll buy the clear 3.4 oz bottles just to be safe.

codown2earth said...

The bottle doesn't have to be clear... but I thought the max was 3 oz until I pull the info below off the Delta website so the extra .4 oz seems to be a recent "enhancement" to the program. (But hell, what do I know... I thought the Passport crap didn't go into effect until 12/31/2006.)

Don't you just feel safer?

codown2earth said...

Oh, & I LOVE the Aluminum Tree and Aesthethically Challenged Seasonal Ornament Museum & Research Center. I have been to Brevard... it's not too far from Bat Cave, NC.

InfoChef said...

You are allowed 4 ounces of medically-related liquid--all of you contact wearers rejoice.

Maybe it applies to booze, too?

codown2earth said...

LOL. You go ahead and give the booze as a medical-related liquid thing a try. We will wait for your report, InfoChef. =)