Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Snow is on its way

You know, right, that it only dumps when I'm out of town, right? That's why there's more snow predicted....never fear, our current plans are to arrive back by Sunday night and thus ban the snow until my next trip. If you're timing things, the next heavy snowfall will be on or shortly after January 25.

And, yes, Ghost Town Blog lives on, I see. You all must be out shoveling snow (I'm sure my neighbors already hated me before now) or having fun--or like me--in a cold/flu/too much to do/too little time funk, but I notice CC's participation has been upped since the trouncing at Cookie Day. Kudos!

Throw a snowball for me, and send advice for a fun NYE at home, since hopefully we'll roll in around 7PM...until then, it's breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches, buckeyes, and grey skies here in the Midwest.


codown2earth said...

7pm... that is plenty of time to hit the town!... if they re-open the eastern highways by then.

InfoChef said...

Nope, now we've delayed until Tuesday eve. Kansas ongoing blizzard warning scared us away.