Monday, December 4, 2006

For the Foodies....

In a google search trying to find this month's code for Cooking Light (I hate AOL), I found the following sites & info of interest to the Foodies. Mama Cooks features a food blog of the week-ish. In mid-November, she featured Culinary Colorado which confirmed the rumors I had heard about another downtown grocery. When it rains, it pours. Cooks Fresh Market, is open at 16th & Glenarm. (I haven't been yet but I was at DTC location several years ago & remember it being fab.) I am puzzled by 5280's Best New Restaurants list.


shitsngrins said...

There are several spots on the 5280 list that I want to try. Why are you puzzled?

codown2earth said...

Cafe Mondo- Heard bad things.
Chutneys- Castle Rock.
Duo- Had a very disaapointing brunch there.
Gelman's- Service is awful.
Limon- Interested but being on this list makes it suspect.
Steubens- Fun but Best Restaurant? Really?
Steve's Snappin Dogs- Really?
Virgilio's- Interested but ditto to Limon.

InfoChef said...

Gelman's and Duo--Do they really qualify as new restaurants? I guess it's like the Oscars; you want to time your opening just right.

GT has been 86ed from Steve's for complaining about the price--come on, they ARE still just hot dogs after all.

Cafe Mondo gets my 'interesting' pick from this list--they seem to be ripe to fill a neighborhood niche, although Highlands Garden got our business one day for lunch when CM didn't have their soup ready. $50 later, we had a wonderful lunch, including soup.

DenverHotPants said...

Limon - overpriced, and not that interesting. Apps were good, but still. Given, that DHP has a shellfish allergy, but can anyone subtantiate this pick? Stubens, again, really? This is the best Denver has to offer?

At least they didn't pick Mona's. Anti-childless, single post yet to come.

rebeckspe said...

i will urge you to try duo for dinner. it was stupendous.

i've been to steuben's a lot for lunches and beers in cans (old chubb!). its funky and new - but nothing blew me away.

codown2earth said...

I have had dinner at duo before and it was better than brunch.