Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another 1A, Another No?

So a ballot arrived today for another 1A. (We were disappointed to learn it wasn't a recount ballot with a chance to overturn the last 1A- stupid pre-school voucher crap.)

No one thinks that the Denver elections went well this last time around. But how will electing someone to replace appointments really fix the issue? Thoughts from other Crafters?

Here is CO Confidential on the Topic. (Co Confidential also tracked all the 41-loophole-yahoos who resigned in December so they could go to holiday parties & not wait for 2 years to lobby.)

On a happier note, how much do we love Ritter? Makes you want to go out and get another blue pedi/mani doesn't it?


InfoChef said...

Comments on the new 1A?
Is this the result of the elections fiasco investigation?

DenverHotPants said...

After debate with the Wash Park Prophet and some others "in the know" we decided that this is in fact a "no" vote. The problems in Denver were not caused by the make-up of our elections office, it had to do with who is in those roles. The Election Commissions meetings are open to (and accountable to) the public. It is up to us keep tabs on them. Changing to an elected county clerk makes that person accountable to the mayor and meetings will be held in private. Hopefully we'll receive a pro/con analysis by the city council or something.

InfoChef said...

Seems like Council might lean that way, too: