Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Denver Snow in History

Thanks to Orange Blogger's coworkers, this is a reminder that 'snow happens' in Denver.

If you'd like to search for other moments--snowy or not--in Denver or Colorado history, check out the Denver Public Library Western History Department photographic collection, posted and searchable online thanks to those crafty librarians! You may even purchase prints of those you like. You can search by neighborhood, street, year, subject matter, etc.


DenverHotPants said...

Evidently Denverites were much more hearty back then. I did not see one sled in the street during our snow days. Just a few snow shoes and cross country skis . . . and lots of SUV's.

codown2earth said...

From JeepBoy


InfoChef said...

Yes, the Jeepers and Flickr may have also discovered these pics, but ahhh--you are the only folks to know the REAL source of these photos!

1. Yes, what did happen to sledding as we grew older, and
2. The only place that many children are gathered these days is typically in a classroom.

r. nesta m. said...

We went sledding at Ruby Hill after the second storm and it was packed with people.

InfoChef said...

Did you get free hot chocolate from the mayor, though?

From afar, I thought that was charming and that people should lighten up (and work at home).