Monday, January 8, 2007

Isn’t it ironic?

Jared Polis, who self funded the so-call Ethics Initiative (Amendment 41) to stop influence peddling in state government, is a $10,000 sponsor of inaugural dinner for Governor Ritter.

So, no 50 cent can of soda for lobbyists, no “thing of value” more than $50 for everyone else, but influence buying to the tune of $10,000 is just fine. Hypocrite.

Also, for the record, Common Cause was wrong when it stated that A41 would not affect scholarships or Nobel prizes. It does. Fuck you.


codown2earth said...

That is Ironic. (unlike all the examples included in the song with the same refrain)

rebeckspe said...

I hate to bash our new House of Reps, but all of the "sweeping ethics reforms" passed last week have the same problems you describe here. Lobbyists can't give anything of value directly to the congressman, but they sure can contribute a buttload to their campaigns. Ugh.

DenverHotPants said...

Jared Polis also spotted tonight at the $750 per person fundraiser for the House Majority Project and $750 per person fundraiser for the Senate Majority Fund. Geez.

So the feds are in on it too. Great. And, yes, influence is not bought at the level of a free coffee, it is bought at the level of elections. Duh. Why can't the general public grasp this concept?

codown2earth said...

This one earns MoveOne.Org a spot on the On Notice List.... They sent out an email asking for $$ to support a new agenda which included "Good Government: Cutting off lobbyist gifts and restoring fairness and transparency in the way laws are passed".

DenverHotPants said...

Put 'em On Notice. I already put them in my pet peeves list for their use of Colorado volunteers to call other states during the election. Fuckers.