Friday, January 19, 2007


So I have just returned from 4-bucks (yes, I know this is what I get for patronizing them blah blah blah).

(1) When I pull in there is 1 non-handicap parking space available. And a extended Lincoln towncar with a license plate of RAYSLMO which is blocking the spot trying to get into the drive thru lane. LIMOS don't belong in Drive-Thrus. WTF. So RAYSLMO moves forward but not enough for the Vo-Vo to get around him to the parking spot and a smug little civic snatches it. Whatever, that civic was probably snow bound during the blizzard unlike the vo-vo and it is 13 degrees so I just stay in my ass-warmed seat and get behind RAYSLMO in the drive-thru.

(2) While I am in the drive-thru behind said Limo, I see a mini-van pull in, take the handicap space (clearly not handicap), leave the car running with children inside- in carseats, go in & get a coffee. Seriously! Does this lady have a quota for the number of laws she has to break before 9am?

Maybe as my coffee kicks in, I will be less annoyed. Which brings up another thing, when they came up with a business model that would place a large number of people who haven't had any coffee in a small space in cars in the morning- what were they thinking? Clearly, that is why they had to include the extra addictive secret ingredient that makes you crave even decaf from 4bucks.

I am waiting for the class action suit. For that and the nubin mouse on my keyboard which was slowly killing me too.

I promise I will be in a better mood on Sunday, crafters. I will have my coffee before you arrive.


InfoChef said...

Anyone that can actually use a nubin mouse--thank god those have been axed according to JB--deserves to have some 4Bucks in her life.

Again, don't forget the DeLocator link and my own personal addiction--Kaladi Brothers Peru Andes Gold--organic, dark roast whole beans.

rebeckspe said...

my new secret 4bux weapon: bringing my own travel mug in the drive thru and ordering a "grande drip refill". It costs me fifty-four cents.

I sh*t you not.

Of course, I'll be busted after this, and have to pay the standard $1.64 which gives me the "providing your own cup discount".