Friday, January 26, 2007

Warning signs for baby dehydration

As infochef is absent traveling the cold terrain of the world I'll offer a bit of info. I've been separated from the rest of the world for three days now with sick Creamybaby at home. I've learned the warning signs for baby dehydration. 1. Dry mouth: mucus membranes are dry inside the mouth plus dry lips, no drool. 2. Gently squeeze the fingernail/fingertip of baby and if it does not return to pink really quickly then dehydration probably exists. 3. Doesn't wet the diaper at least once every 8 hours. 1. and 3. seem rather obvious. Hopefully 2. will be helpful to you all if you ever encounter a baby who might be say at the bar, or on a plane, or in 4bucks or wherever you hang out. Treatment options..probably just call a doctor.


codown2earth said...

Hope that creamybaby is feeling better. Next time JB has a hangover I will have to gently squeeze his fingertip to check for dehydration.

Glad to see you upgraded successfully. Looking forward to the Stalked by Left Behind Interview.

Anonymous said...

That might be the creepies picture of a baby that I have ever seen.

Though I was dehydrated this morning, my fingertip did return to pink, so I'm not sure this works for adults.