Tuesday, February 6, 2007

“Completely Heterosexual”

This has to be my most favorite Denver Post headline, ever. I heard that the print headline was “I’m Not Gay” which I cannot substantiate since I only read the news online. In any event, that would actually be my favorite headline ever if it is true. Evidently Haggard did not consult with Alfred Kinsey who developed a scale of sexuality of 0-6 and determined that there were no 0’s, so no one is completely heterosexual. I love the Wiki on this.

I caught an MSNBC program today (caught it at the gym, for those knowing that I don’t have cable) and actually laughed out loud. I didn’t realize I was making laughing noises (due to the volume on my beloved iPod) until the guy on the damned eliptical machine next to me began laughing and said “Isn’t that priceless”. I don’t typically approve of gym conversation, but he was right. We shared a laugh once I pulled the ear buds out. I digress . . .

Keith Olberman had an interview with “former” prostitute Mike Jones, who commented on the fact that Haggard had be sequestered with 4 male “psychologists” and said “and that’s not gay?”. Very funny stuff.

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HotPants01 said...

Didn't I see this guy walking down the Red Carpet with Lance Bass at the Grammy's?