Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dinner in the neighborhood

Wag of the finger: Mead Street Station. Get a watch. I am so over your estimated 20-25 minute wait bullshit. If it is going to be an hour and a half, just tell me. If I have time to go next door to Mondo Vino, taste 4 wines, shop, put my purchases in the car, and come back it can't still be 20-25 minutes.

Tip of the hat: Cebiche (32nd & Wyndadot-ish)- Peruvian cuisine. Good, friendly service. Excellent ceviche, interesting entrees, and to die for pumpkin fritters to finish off the meal. The house margarita was silver patron, orange juice, cointreau, and freshies mix. (If it can't be fresh, it better be freshies!) The space used to be something but I can't recall what - it has only been opened a short while but we slipped into the last available table. The decor has a peace corps alum feel. I would highly recommend this spot. And save room for the pumpkin fritters.

2/18 Update: So Bobby Flay is cooking Peruvian this morning (Food Network). I feel like the universe is really pushing Peru on us this week. Perhaps we should be checking on award tickets available there for our next vaca. I also found a photo of Picarones (pumpkin fritters) on

3/1 Update: Website is not easy to find, even with the URL (from waitress last night), I had to type directly in the address line. Google never found it! We also learned they are still working out the kinks and haven't had a grand opening yet. Yes, last night. We went back again... the pumpkin fritters had less pumpkin and more fritter this time (prefer other way) but overall still a thumbs up. There was a party of 20 on separate checks and the service didn't fall apart. More established places have trouble with that one.


rebeckspe said...

I've been eying Cebiche since I started hitting North Star Brewery's Happy Hour and wasn't sure that it was open yet.... Good news to hear a positive review! What's the price point - similar to Duo or Z Cuisine?

codown2earth said...

I still haven't made it to Z.

Cebiche Food is less than Duo ($8-14 range for entrees) but Drinks are Duo price ($7 for Marg- granted it was a good Marg). I did see $2.50 Blue Moons on the menu. We had 3 course + drinks for ~$60. The menu is smaller than say Sabor Latino. Probably not a good place for DHP.

ChristianLiberalChic said...

Apparently I need to get out more. Are these places in the same town as me? ;)

codown2earth said...

Well, technically no. They are all in Denver. =) More specifically, they are all within about a 1 mile radius of cd2e's house...and not too much further from Rebeckspe's. Mead Street & Mondo Vino are 32nd & between Lowell and Mead. Cebiche is 32nd & Wynadot(ish). Duo is 32nd & Zuni. And Sabor Latino is 35th & Tennyson. North Star is 32nd & Tejon. Z is 30th & Wyandot (but I can only find it when I am coming home from Lola's at 15th St & Boulder- by the new walking bridge over 1-25).

InfoChef said...

2257 W. 32nd, to be specific. In the old Los Cabos. Excellent flavors in all dishes--try the tamales if they have them. Entrees $11 and soon to be open for lunch, too.

::Alejandro:: said...

Here is a better picture of picarones and cóctel de algarrobina, a sweet but potent drink.

Peru Food

codown2earth said...

And dinner must be served late since IC & GT made it there!