Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Politics is like junior high."

Denver Post article on NetRoots. Including this quote from Jason Bane.

"Politics is like junior high. Everyone knows each other and talks to each other, and the players all are reading the same things. And now what trickles to newspapers and TV is what originates on the blog," Bane said.
"The biggest effect the blogs and netroots have had is bringing into the open the early stages of the campaign, the positioning," Bane said. "There isn't a quiet period anymore."


ChristianLiberalChic said...

Interestingly, look what I just learned about...Perhaps this is the new era of grassroots politics...well, if you have enough money for a computer & the internet, and enough savy to operate everything...

Still, I think it's cool (but you know I'm a HUGE fan of the young Mr. R. :)


InfoChef said...

Of course, it's a no-fun blog. You can't be that serious all the time, can you!? And this from me, even!

Anonymous said...

I almost hate to admit this, but one of my clients asked me to go to the RootsCamp that was in this article. I lasted all of half of one day. It was like a star trek convention for progressives. And, at least one of the sessions per 45 minute block was about campaign finance reform. And, there was a whole session on why Amendment 41 is a good thing. Barf. My choices were either to leave or slit my wrists. I left.