Sunday, February 4, 2007

Rants on Recent Happenings

When the hell did Kevin Smith become such a sap? Clerks 2 is a silly romantic comedy. Pure Velveeta. (His acting skills exceed expectations in Catch & Release. However, overall C&R is better rental than theater viewing.)

Perhaps because my child is not losing a college scholarship, I am supporting FitzGerald, et al refusing to fix 41. After reading the paper today (and info on this & other blogs)- I am ready to spearhead a Voter Amendment to restrict Jared Pollis from spending any money on anything in Colorado. Maybe just evict his ass from the State. At the very least don't let him fund any nonprofits, PACs, or spend a cent on his own damn campaigns. Put it in the freaking Constitution. I am so tired of his ass.

And a quick PSA- In the market for new, high end yard furniture? Check out Habitat Restores. Expect Target- not Yard Sale- prices. Also good prices on installed but unused water heaters to support your dream bathroom project.

Suggested Reading: Maya Angelou on Molly Ivins

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Anonymous said...

I don't know where the hell I've been, but I just found out that Molly Ivins died. Who the hell is going to take bushie to task in the most creative ways now. I'm really going to miss her.