Thursday, February 8, 2007

The State of our Union IS indeed strong - just ask Webb :)

Sorry for the delayed response...

Unfortunately, Shrub didn't give me enough to be as creative this year. The entire time, he looked truly stunned..."Oh my - thar's a woman behind me - AND she's not a Republican...I don't git it!" In fact, most of the night was that look.

My favorite thing about Tivo is the ability to pause and see the creatures on the screen make awkward faces...of course, Shrub & Cheney make them without Tivo, too. Cheney's look said "What the hell was I thinking when I took this job? This guy's an idoit!"

Shrub was fairly dry this year...although I almost lost it when he suggested an enormous tax CREDIT for health care - as if that fixes things - and then, the nerve to suggest one amount for singles and just double it for couples. HELLLLOOOOO...Health care for couples isn't twice what it is for singles. Seriously. Granted, families need more, but single parents need more than couples...oh, wait - there aren't single parents. What am I thinking. And I assume he only meant heterosexual couples. That had to be the most random, off the chart, out of left field suggestion. Thus the "I have no idear what Ium sayin' but sumboddy will liike it and forgit about IRack" look. Dumbass.

The BEST look of the night was Jim Webb's. He looked and sounded like a parent who'd had enough of their teen's bad behavior. Ahhh...he basically "bitch-slapped" Shrub. I love the "if he doesn't go the right way, we'll SHOW him the way." I don't think I've ever had such pleasure after listening to Shrub. If you didn't see it, READ IT...for sheer pleasure! :)

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Anonymous said...

Definitely worth the wait. Plus, I love the thought of "bitch-slapping" W.