Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vodka of the Week

No wine this "week"but a vodka to recommend.
I was introduced to Grey Goose La Poire at Jax in their New Orleans Pearish Martini special ($2 goes to NOLA as part of oyster month). I was a bit worried that a Pear flavored vodka would taste like a melted jolly rancher but decided to give it a try. Yummy! The New Orleans Pearish also had Vanilla Vodka and a Lavender Simple Syrup.
At home, I am enjoying a Grey Goose Pear with Club Soda- no type of fancy syrups today. So light & refreshing!


Anonymous said...

What is the appropriate cheese pairing?

I'm all for the vodka of the week addition to the blog. Really, we don't discuss enough booze or boozing, and with summer approaching we must get on it!

rebeckspe said...

As I was trying to locate the Ruby Absolut for last weekend's cocktails, I came across the Pear vodka, and had the same gut reaction as you (melted jolly rancher?!)..... glad to hear that its refreshing.

Of course, the Ruby Ruby (or in my budget case, the Ruby Fresca) was a huge hit, what with the lovely temps and all this past weekend! ::drool::

codown2earth said...

I think Fresca & Vodka is going to be my new air travel mixed drink. That sounds very refreshing- and available.