Sunday, April 8, 2007

Doors Open Denver

Doors Open Denver is a FREE two-day event that allows you to go behind the scenes at nearly 80 of the city’s significant architectural gems and lesser known treasures. Spend the day on a self-guided tour of both historic and modern buildings, take an expert-led tour or embark on an Urban Adventure, a self-guided tour based on a theme.
April 14 & 15, 2007, 10am - 4pm


InfoChef said...

Debating the merits of the Oxford, women, Rockmount and TAXI tours and want to check out EPA.

codown2earth said...

The EPA is lobby only. I am interested in their green roof.

I did read that Denver Art will open the roof of the North Building.

DenverHotPants said...

I really want to do this. Are we planning an outing?

rebeckspe said...

How can the EPA give a 1.25 hour tour of the lobby only?

If there is an outing, keep me in the loop, as I have no life, as usual. Anything that I plan apparently gets snowed out.

codown2earth said...

"The public is welcome inside the main floor that features an impressive atrium vaulting upwards for nine stories, harvesting daylight high above and casting light throughout." So I guess it is the main floor, not just the lobby. Either way- no green roof which is what interest me.

We have an impossible to do list mapped out for the weekend but if (when) we are procrastinating we will probably hit at least the Highland Masonic Center. We were there for an RTD Gold Line meeting but there was not enough roaming time for JB.

We might hit the Temporary-Contemporary too.

It cracks me up that The Church is on here. Speaking of which, I am very sad to learn that Rock Island closed. Not that I had any plans to go there but still the end of an era.

InfoChef said...

FYI, EPA has now added some tours on the hour between 11-2 on both days; this is all at the Denver website under 'added tours'. Apparently those interested in tours must make a COMMITMENT at the train station starting at 8:30 the day of the tour.

See you all wandering around downtown, etc.!