Monday, April 23, 2007

Seen & heard at the airport last week...

"Affluent Traveler" magazine being read in coach, middle seat
Jesus is my dragon slayer bumper sticker in parking lot
Woman with annoying giggling child phone ring on airport train getting evil eye even from children on airport train


rebeckspe said...

Q for the savvy (non business class) traveler: which is worse - sitting in front of the exit row (no reclining seat) or middle seat in the row?

The flight attendant scoffed at my preference. I almost killed her, but then she gave me Sunchips (R).

codown2earth said...

It depends on the type of plane, on an airbus or some 757s, I would probably pick the row in front but on a 767 or 727, I would pick the middle exit row. TMI, eh?