Friday, April 6, 2007

Yard Project Resources

As I look out my window on the freezing rain/snow mix, what a perfect time for a post on Yard Projects...

Yes, this is the year that Tres Elefantes's Kingdom goes gravel. At Ainsworth Rock (5600 N Washington, Denver) you can roam the lot to see what you are getting before the well spent $50 delivery fee. JB has done lots of research and found their prices to be the best.... unless you want to go dig out used rock found on Craig's List.

For plants, Al's at 44th & Pierce (not Harlen like I said at craft day, but a few blocks closer to CLC) is cash or check only. They have a great selection of xeriscape plants and the no-frills atmosphere means more plant, less green (dollars-that is). Survival rate is very high. This is where we will get our tomatoes in early June.

The DBG plant sale is May 11 & 12. InfoChef is a DBG's member and will have inside scoop.

A list wouldn't be complete w/out Paulino Gardens just like a trip to PG isn't complete w/out a U-turn.

I know SNG grows her basil, cilantro, parsley, and chives from seed each year, but for the rest of us I will bring a flat again to the May (or maybe June?) craft day. I am looking forward to CC's cilantro coaching tips this year to avoid a summer of coriander.

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ChristianLiberalChic said...

Thanks for the scoop. The CLC cottage front needs serious xeriscaping to replace the current zeroscaping!