Monday, May 21, 2007


A random list for a boring conference call... A list of chocolate treats that are perhaps less "dangerous" than the crack-like-addictive Dancing Deer Brownies.

May Crafters had a chance to sample O'Coco's. I have had both the cinnamon & mocha. I picked them up at King Soopers (for less than the website price) but I haven't seen them at other grocery stores.

Lara Bar - especially the Jocalat Chocolate Orange. Jeepboy loves these too.

Blush mini-bars- Vitamin Cottage (in the old pool hall) has the best price.

I used to buy to-die-for chocolate yogurt bars at WildOats/Alfalfa's (when I lived in Cap Hill). I think they were made by ???? Farms. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good frozen chocolate treat?


rebeckspe said...

Its not chocolate, but its tasty: "Enak Eco" brand Bumbu Pecel. Which translates roughly to "instant peanut sauce". Its indonesian, and has some kick to it, in addition to some kaffir lime. All natural and all yummy and all quick- great for the summer chicken sate!

I bought it for $1.09 at Little Saigon Market on S. Federal in the Far East Market.

ChristianLiberalChic said...

Lara Bars ROCK! I'm a Cherry Pie fan. You can get an entire box at Vitamin Cottage for less than $1/bar! AND they're local.