Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lame-O Food Critics

North Denver News's Dining Detective went to the old Lola's location on S. Pearl to do a review. Hello, Clueless, Lola has been in North West Denver for a year. DD then went on to write a very negative review of BBs in the old Lola's location but it was hard to respect her as she kept apologizing for being mean.

Is it just me or has the scarce mention of food actually decreased in Westword's Jason Sheehan's recent articles? I shouldn't have to turn to page 2 of 2 to start actually reading anything about the restaurant. The ratio seems to be 3 parts Jason to 1 part Food these days.

On a semi-related note, how do other RC's feel about the new Watercourse location on 17th?
I am still crushed by the lack of bloody marys but the new biscuits are pretty good. Oh, and I am not a fan of the fancy latte cups. I loved the utility of the pint glasses.


rebeckspe said...

It took me ten minutes to stop laughing about the North Denver News Dining Detective being *that* clueless about her own damned neighborhood.

InfoChef said...

As a dining critic, I guess you don't have to pass any intelligence exams--even if you didn't know about location changes that occurred in the distant past, you DON'T HAVE TO ADMIT IT!

Yummy W-Course is now within radar distance, but parking is not much better. Good--walking is good.

I had an awesome portobello reuben and tomato curry soup the other day, plus they make real espresso.

Anyone attending the Pepin sightings early next week or the Kingsolver reading Monday night? See you there!