Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beverage of the Week

A soft drink selection the week: new Izze Esque a 12 oz, 60 calorie (1pt) variety of Izze now available at Whole Foods. As I put the 4-pack of bottles in my cart, I was a bit hesitant that I was purchasing the world's most overpriced seltzer. I am happy to report that I did find it refreshing and more satisfying than a flavored seltzer. Will you find it in my fridge next time you drop by? Only if Target* picks it up. Just like regular Izze, I can't afford to stock it at WF price.

*Side rant: what the hell is taking so long on the Edgewater Super Target!?!


rebeckspe said...

** Side side rant: what the hell is taking so long with the Sunflower Market? The website had an opening date of April 2007!

codown2earth said...

I am also annoyed by that one! Especially since the pool hall Vitamin Cottage really doesn't meet my needs. I think they have opened like 6 Fourbucks since they started that Sunflower Market!