Friday, June 8, 2007

Where I Draw the Line.....

I have come up against my true test of friendship versus acquaintanceship......
......will I lend you a treasured cookbook???

I am proud to say that I would lend any of the Crafters anything in my small collection (I'm more of a freewheeling cook) at any time, even Mexico, One Plate at a Time.
But much to my surprise and subsequent guilt, to the request to borrow that very same tome,
"What would you think of my borrowing this for a month?"

I actually found myself saying '', not too much."

I swear it's not because of my fondness for the Author.
It might be because of the Borrower.

Or on a more shallow's apparently the defining question for me.....can I live without it, will you return it, and perhaps most importantly, do I want to have this reason to interact in a month?
The relief...the clear line in the sand...the pride at speaking my mind...ah, but the guilt--what if you don't return it (like the college girlfriend-of-boyfriend's-friend--that was a Moosewood, and obviously I have neurotically harbored negative feelings for fifteen years), it's just a cookbook, it can be replaced; what harm would it do, will I really be using it in the weeks to come?

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ChristianLiberalChick said...

I've learned that while we must trust our friends, I've learned that lending means giving away and hoping to get it back. All you can do is be very clear on its importance to you.

BTW - COD2E - I still have your book & promise I won't lose it or forget to return it :)