Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The world thru Daily Show tinted lenses...

JB & I find we watch more and more tv thru Daily Show tinted lenses- watching for the moments which will jump from the "real news" to the much more enjoyable Jon Stewart recap of the world. This was especially true last night as we watched the CNN and You Tube Dem Debates. Will the "melting snowman" who asked about Global Warming make it? Or is that just too damn obvious?What about the TN rednecks' question about Al Gore? Perhaps the scrolling caption on the screen, Is Obama black enough, Hilary feminine enough?

I can't remember who said it first, perhaps Rebeckspe?, but I like the "other half" of the Edwards better than John. John's answer to gay marriage of "Elizabeth supports it" was annoying... almost as annoying as his comment that if people weren't going to vote for Hilary b/c she was a woman or Obama b/c he is black, that Edwards didn't want their votes. Come On. Dude- we all know you will take any racist, sexist votes you can get. Sorry, DHP, SNG, & other Edwards supporters but his charm is wearing thin. Obama lost some points on the public school question (sent his kids to private school b/c it was only 5 minutes from the house). Also, Obama seems to think that Romney is a threat. And can we just get pull Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich off the stage! Gong! Your 15 minutes is over. Shut up already.

Oh Joy. A similar debate sponsored by CNN and YouTube for the nine Republican candidates is scheduled for Sept. 17.

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DenverHotPants said...

I can't bear to watch the debates this early. We'll be knee deep in this crap in a year.

Can't wait to see what Stewart has to say about Lindsey Lohan. Or maybe he doesn't stoop to coverage of celebutantes.

Luckily I'll stoop to any level. Can't these drunken morons afford drivers?!!