Monday, August 20, 2007

The Week in Food

I'm taking the Colorado Food Stamp Challenge this week.

Amazing, incredible experience as a personal challenge. The gym doesn't quite do that for me, but take away my food, and you've got me. I'm doing *awesome* so far, only having spent about $350 worth of time simply planning the grocery list and meals. Not including shopping. At three stores. But I've figured out how to put gumbo, sausage included, on the menu tonight. Granted, it's Italian sausage and not smoked, but hey, it's a rough life balancing sale prices and limited budget with multiple meal needs.

Could I live on $25 a week for food? Sure.
Am I remotely interested in doing so? No way in hell.

I thank my lucky stars that I was born into a nice middle class, Midwestern (also white, of course) family with college-educated parents (albeit the first & only in their families) and have basically never wanted for anything material. I am feeling like the luckiest person on the planet about now.


Anonymous said...

Is there an update on how Hick and Romanoff are handling the challenge? I'd love a blog post from one of them.

rebeckspe said...

yes - the dearth of blog posts over there is sad. i was hoping for some good stories of creativity and austerity.

codown2earth said...

Yes... Let's hear about Hick's experience as I return from my $25 meal at Frontera Grill. (That's right, CD2E is in Chicago and what is a trip to Chicago w/o a meal at IC's boyfriend (Rick Bayless)'s?

InfoChef said...

They took it in June and couldn't hack it. Google the news.