Monday, September 17, 2007

Foods of Denver Tour?

I'm finding it difficult to motivate today. Likely the darkness and rain. So I tuned into Rachel Ray, which was a bad idea but was better than the 3rd hour of the Today Show (which I think needs to be placed "On Notice")or the stupid Meridith Viera game show (who allowed her to monopolize my morning TV viewing?). Anyway, Rachel featured a Foods of New York tour which I really want to do if anyone want to plan an NYC trip. In the meantime, I think we should put together a similar outing in Denver. Where would you go?

I will start the list:
1. Italian anything at Spinelli's Market
2. Chocolates & Spice Cream @ Spice Boys
3. Cheese @ The Truffle

I'm still looking for a good knish.


InfoChef said...

$40 per person to tag along on someone's errands?!

WOW--add this to potential business opportunities list.

DenverHotPants said...

No shit. I thought we could just do the NYC tour as a DIY since they put on their website where they are taking you. Plus, being sheparded into a deli with 15 other people on a tour is my own person version of hell.

What, no suggestions for the DIY Denver Tour?

rebeckspe said...

Okay, I'll bite. My littel tour would be through the little Vietnam on South Federal/Alameda.... Pho shops, crazy groceries with fish heads and good baby bok choy, and of course, our new destination (LETS PICK A DATE) Super Star Asian cuisine!

InfoChef said...

And how about our self-crafted walking wine tour of NW Denver? Also, it sounds like a Tennyson Tour could easily be crafted. We could hire out to WeldingMan for 'Denver on the Cheap'...and I mean really cheap.