Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jeepboy quote of the week.

"Oreo Dessert Pizza must be one of the signs of the Apocalypse." ~JB


Anonymous said...

There is something really, really wrong with that. Mainly, I'm not sure that oreo's go with bread.

rebeckspe said...

Here's the thought process:

Ok, so we've got a pepperoni pro-life pizza with double cheese, and cheese in the crust, that we dip in a double fatty transfat cheese sauce. Wow. I'm stuffed.

But wait, don't we get dessert?!?

Why yes, we have the double transfatty oreos crumbled on top of a transfatty pizza crust drizzled with sugar.

You want a diet coke with that shit?

rebeckspe said...

OK. I take back my "transfatty" comments. But please. As if one 10 inch oreo pizza is going to feed 8 people. We know that you and your fuckbuddy/spouse/best friend/dog are going to split it.