Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yay! Let the political fisticuffs begin!

Not that I get to vote in the Congressional District 2 race, but if I did Jared Polis would definitely be off the list. The first strike was that stupid Amendment 41 debacle and now it looks like Mike Miles is one of his biggest supporters. Yep, that jackass that ran for US Senate in 2004, lost the primary with Salazar (more like bitch-slaped with 25% of the vote), then continued to attack Salazar during the general election race against Coors. This is so sad, beacuse Jared is a good guy who has done a ton of good for Colorado, but naiveté is naiveté. And jackass endorsements are jackass endorsements.

Plus, I'm a bit appauled that he would attack Fitz-Gerald for two votes on resolutions that were being touted as "support the troops" statements. Geez, it's not like she put something in the constitution that denies scholarships to the children of state employees. Nope, that was Jared.

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rebeckspe said...

DHP and my sister (Cristen with a "C") should discuss the Polis/Fitz-Gerald Race. She lurves Joan.